Google Play™ Music Visualizer

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What is it?

This is a Google Chrome™ extension that adds a small material UI with a library of many different modifications to the Google Play™ music website and YouTube™. This includes a package of 2 music visualizers to the website, one in the form of bars, each one representing a frequency and it's height determined by the volume of that frequency at a given point in time. The other is a waveform visualizer that takes the same data, but instead using it to generate "sound waves" across your screen. This extension is in it's beta phase, meaning it is open to the public, but still has features to implement, bugs to fix, and optimizations to be made. Contact the developer at to send in any information you would like to provide or do so via Chrome Web Store™.

What does it look like?

Here are some screen shots of the music visualizer in action:

Can my PC handle it?

This extension does work on top of an already heavy website, and adding an equally as heavy extension on top of that is no easy task. But, most PCs should be able to run the visualizer without an issue. It is suggested to use at least an Intel i3 or better, with 4 GB of ram, and a GPU is suggested for running it in 4k. Laptops or other mobile devices running supported software may have battery drain due to high use of CPU, but should run without issues. This extension does require a modern desktop version of Google Chrome™ in order to be installed. Any Windows™ 7, 8 , 10, OS X™ 10.9 or higher, and distributions of Linux that are currently supported by Google Chrome™ are potentially compatible with the extension. Chrome™ mobile for Android™ and iOS™ are not supported with the Chrome™ web store or it's extensions, nor are any other browsers. It is suggested to keep Google Chrome™ up to date, for it will improve the performance and stability of the extension.

Does it have YouTube™ support?

Yes! And here it is in action:

How Does it Work?

The extension uses the URL to detect if the current website you are visiting is compatible with the visualizer (current compatible sites: Google Play™ music or YouTube™) automatically. Due to extensions' ability to insert new source code into the website, the extension uses JavaScript in order to build the user interface and music visualizer right on top of the website. The user interface simply consists of a small '+' button at the bottom right corner of the webpage, by clicking that you can activate the extension's cool features. Once activating a visualizer, the extension then uses the outputted audio data in order to create some stylized effects that are directly correlated to the music, so no effects are pre-programmed patters or simple gifs!

Source code is provided here for you to look at if you're interested:

Where can I get it?

Right here at the Google Chrome™ web store for free!